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"Juicing Has Never Been
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and Interesting Than With
This New, Easy Recipe Guide"

February 22, 2017

Dear Friend,

Do you know that juicing for beginners doesn’t have to be complicated?

Do you know that real weight loss can be achieved through juicing?

Do you know that you can add years to your life when you by giving your body the nutrients it needs?

Do you know that juicing can be tasty and fun while the weight comes off?

If not, you will soon!

Thanks to this new juicing recipe guide called "50 Easy Juicing Recipes", you will now be able to lose weight while enjoying a variety of juices that don’t get old...

Think Juicing Is Too Complicated, Too Expensive, Or Too Time Consuming?

Think Juicing Is Too Complicated?

Anytime we start something new it can be so daunting and overwhelming. This is especially true if you don't have someone guiding you through the process. With the right recipe book and the right information, juicing is truly a very simple process that you can add to your day with as little as five minutes (see more on this below).

Think Juicing Costs Too Much Money?

If you think juicing is expensive, it's likely because you've heard this from somebody else. And often times what happens is people get into juicing and go crazy at the store buying every produce item in sight. Just like juicing isn't complicated, with the right tools and information you can limit the cost of juicing to fit within your budget.

Note: It's also important to recognize that juicing can provide some incredible health benefits. This can indirectly lower the cost of your medical bills. I can tell you that my family spends very, very little money on doctors, and when we do see a doctor it is for preventative care.

Think Juicing Is Time Consuming?

If you go to the store without the right shopping list and you don't have someone helping you, you can waste a TON of time trying things in the kitchen that don't work and don't taste good. Juicing can be added to your daily routine in a matter of minutes. Sure, it will take a little longer at first as you're getting the hang of things, but it doesn't need to take up much of your time.

The bottom line here is that yes, it can be all of those things if you try to do it on your own. Most things are like that. With the right tools and knowledge, juicing can be the best thing that ever happened to your body without absorbing your resources.


"Why Wait Till You Are Too Tired, Old, Or Busy To Achieve Your Ideal Lifestyle and Weight?"

One of the most exciting experiences of your life is getting down
to that ideal body weight and knowing you can maintain it.

Think Of The Freedom Of A Diet That You Can Maintain With Juicing!

  • Go anywhere you want whenever you want. This means you will feel good enough to get out of the house, go to the places you’ve dreamed of, and do the things you’ve always wanted to.
  • No more feeling down about yourself. Weight isn’t just about how we look to others, it affects the way we see ourselves and, most critically, the way our body functions. Get down to a good body weight so you can feel your best!
  • No more having to look for a new diet. When juice correctly, you reorient your body and you won’t be craving those terribly unhealthy foods.

Now you can hangout with your family and friends and feel great about yourself. This means you can show up looking and feeling your best! No more feeling like you have to drag yourself out of the house to go places that deep down you really do want to go to.

These are just a few of the many benefits! Not to mention the feeling of achievement you will have from reaching a goal in your life that fewer and fewer people ever reach. Being at a healthy body weight and giving your body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best will enable you to do all your favorite activities in a way you haven’t felt in years! "But Here Is The Problem..."

Most people still think getting down to their ideal body weight is completely out of their reach! That could not be farther from the truth!

The sad reality is that there are very few people out there who really know what they are talking about when it comes to getting down to an ideal body weight in a healthy, nutrition-based manner.

Myths People Believe About
Getting To Their Ideal Body Weight...

  1. It’s Just Not Possible for ME.
    FACT: That is only true if you don’t make sure that your lifestyle is well-rounded. You can only get to optimal health by beginning with the food you put into your body.
  2. I Need To Find The "Right" Diet.
    FACT: Each person’s body is different, so this is true that we need to determine which diet will work the absolute best for our body. However, it is a fact that our soils are being depleted of critical minerals and nutrients and in order to consume the amount we really need juicing offers us one of the best solutions.
  3. I Don’t Have Time.
    FACT: If you know that living the way you currently are will leave you in the ground ten years earlier, would you still think you don’t have time? Only if you’re out of touch. The truth is that while we are living longer we are not living better. Do you want to die of chronic disease or of old age? I prefer the latter and juicing can help our bodies without taking an enormous amount of time.
  4. I Cannot Eat Foods I Like.
    FACT: When you change your diet to one you can maintain, splurging here and there is OK! And you can integrate foods you like on a regular basis so long as you maintain a good balance. The key here is to weaning yourself off of foods that are terrible for you, and juicing enables you to change your palate and cravings.
  5. I Have To Exercise A Lot.
    FACT: Exercise is a very important aspect to our overall health. However, you do not need to try and become a super-athlete. Simple exercise can go a long ways. But first, you need to give your body the nutrients it needs to feel more energized so various forms exercise comes naturally.
  6. Dieting Won't Help Me
    FACT: Our bodies react in all kinds of ways, including storing fat, when we do not give our bodies the nutrients we need. Poor diet has a cascading effect and can leave you feeling depressed and without energy. Unless you already have a perfect diet and have optimum energy, then juicing may just be the thing to revolutionize your life.

These myths are simply wrong! And that is why we have put together "50 Easy Juicing Recipes". But before we get to that...

When We Got Into Healthy Living and Juicing, We Had No Idea...

  • Who we could trust for information about what foods you can and cannot eat.
  • The environmental impacts on animal meats.
  • What mineral depletion had to do with anything.
  • What diet we would use for our children.
  • How to know if we were on the right path.
  • Which kitchen appliances were necessary.
  • How to eat for optimal energy.
  • So much more...

In fact, once we started researching more and more, we realized we had made nearly every mistake in the book!

  • We paid for way to many diet subscriptions.
  • We tried to integrate exercise before eating healthy, leaving us with low energy and little stamina to continue.
  • We bought the wrong recipe books.

But we had a choice… Either become frustrated and quit or take our lessons and find how to live our lives optimally. After a lot of research, time and money, we found a diet that worked for me, my wife, and our sweet little daughter.

Once we figured out how to eat throughout the day and week so we had the most energy, we began to discover ways to integrate our favorite foods in tandem with this healthy lifestyle. Of course that required some modifications, but today we eat delicious foods while maintaining great energy.

And because of all this, we have decided to put together some of our favorite recipes into a little guide to help you keep your juicing journey interesting and exciting.

In "50 Easy Juicing Recipes" You Will Get

  • Juices that taste delicious. - It’s critical to have juices that are delicious, otherwise you’ll end up quitting the journey and be stuck right where you were before. You’ll find a nice array of juices to satisfy your taste buds.
  • Juices to keep each day interesting. One of the things people find difficult is drinking the same thing every day. Well you shouldn't! This guide will help you keep a variety in your daily routine.
  • Juices with greens you never thought of. What’s better than a recipe that contains d-- Wait! I won’t spoil the surprise for you. :)
  • Juices with a bit of kick. This guide also includes a few recipes that have some spice to them. This may not be for everybody, but if you’re looking for a bit of kick in your drink, you’ll be happy with what you find here.
  • You'll be guided through each process. Juicing can be daunting when you first start. This easy-to-use guide will help you with when to add various ingredients for best results.
  • Refreshing juices. There are so many unhealthy "refreshing" beverages that we drink in this country. Why not replace those with some truly refreshing beverages that nourish your mind AND body!
  • Juices using superfoods. Your body needs so many different things and in this guide you'll find a wide array of juices to give your body so many of its much needed nutrients.
  • Great combinations. One of the hardest things when you start juicing can be to know what fruits and veggies go well together. In this recipe book, you'll find a wonderful array of tasty drinks of interesting and healthy mixtures.

"Even if you have no experience with juicing, no idea how to come up with combinations, you can use this recipe book to give a boost to your journey..."

By using the recipes in "50 Easy Juicing Recipes" you’ll be able to integrate juicing into your daily life and achieve your dream of:

  • Being at your idea body weight. Which means you can stop hunting for a new diet plan.
  • Feeling your best. Which means you will now have the energy to do all the things you used to love to do.
  • Get control of your life. Which means your life is no longer dictated by your body and how you feel. Now you go where you want when you want. You are the one in control.
  • And so much more when you get your body the nutrients it needs!

"You'll Be Feeling Great Sooner Than You Ever Thought!"

Until now, you might have been struggling to figure out how to get your body into the condition you want. You might have been trying out different weight loss plans. You might have been trying various fitness plans. But now, you can have it all, when you begin juicing and allowing your body to absorb a large amount of nutrients.


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

“50 Easy Juicing Recipes” comes with a no-questions-asked, no-hassle, 60 Day, money back guarantee. If for any reason whatsoever you decide this product isn’t right for you, just let us know and we will issue you a 100% refund! That’s two FULL MONTHS to put these recipes to the test – all the risk is on us. I don’t think we could be any fairer than that!


But Wait! There's More!
Use These Bonuses To Making Your Juicing Journey A GREAT SUCCESS!


Bonus #1 - How To Get Your Kids To LOVE Juicing

In this bonus, I'll give you tips and ideas for getting your kids to drink juices. And if you're wondering "Why should my kids drink these kinds of juices?", I'll tell you about that too! Here's what you'll learn in this bonus:

  • How To Get Your Kids To Love Juicing?
  • Introducing Juice To Your Kid
  • Why Should Kids Drink Juice?

Bonus #2 - The Five Minutes Per Day Juicing Formula

Here I'm going to give you a quick, five-minute plan for your daily life to integrate juicing! Juicing doesn't have to take over your life. Here's what you'll learn in this bonus:

  • Tips For Making Your Routine Faster
  • Simple Steps For Efficiency
  • Two Bonus Quick Recipes

Bonus #3 - Cheat Sheet: Juicing For Weight Loss

What makes juicing so amazing is the fact that it has SO MANY health benefits! And losing weight is just one of those many wonderful results of this healthy lifestyle. Here's what you'll learn in this bonus:

  • 3 Major Rules Of A Weight Loss Plan
  • 4 Tips For Healthy Juicing
  • 4 Important Things Every Juicer Needs To Know BEFORE Juicing

Here Is Exactly What You're Getting

  • 50 Healthy and Tasty Recipes for Juicing (PDF)
  • Bonus #1: How To Get Your Kids To LOVE Juicing (PDF)
  • Bonus #2: The Five Minutes Per Day Juicing Formula (PDF)
  • Bonus #3: Cheat Sheet: Juicing For Weight Loss (PDF)
  • Support - Our Team Will Help If You Have Any Questions

You could easily spend hours of your time testing your own recipes and coming up with your own (and if you want to do that, more power to you). But if you're like most of the world, you're busy and you would like to eliminate as much of the testing as possible.

Scouring the bookstores for good recipe books can take time and energy and those recipe books could cost you $20-50.

Think about how you might be able to save hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars, in medical bills!

You could also pay someone to teach you this.

All of these things could easily cost you over $1,000 if you try this on  your own. How much do you have to pay for this Transformational Juicing Recipe Book (PLUS BONUSES)?

Not $47!

Not even $19!

Not even a measly $10!

This can all be yours today for only $7!

PLUS I'm offering a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Click Here To Buy NOW

If you have always wanted to shed some pounds, here is your beginning to the life you’ve always wanted. And now for less than the cost of eating dinner at a simple restaurant, you can get access to 50 recipes. Not only that... You have no risk!

Order now and discover how much fun juicing can be.

To Your Juicing Success,
Luke Russell

P.S. At this point you are probably thinking, "Do I want to gamble my time, energy, and money on this juicing journey?"

Just remember - that’s EXACTLY why I am offering my "Nothing to Lose" guarantee! If this recipe book does not exceed your expectations then you get ALL your money back and still get to keep access to "50 Easy Juicing Recipes" as my way of saying thanks! I am the one who loses - not you!

P.P.S. If you’re wondering whether or not this juicing recipe book has recipes that will taste good, I can tell you that you will be blown away at the variety found in here. For example, some recipes even include a bit of spice! Now if that’s not you’re thing, other recipes include delicious fruit and veggie combos.

And all of this is WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR!

Enjoy your juices each day knowing you’re putting great food into your body. Click the buy button and begin your journey with "50 Easy Juicing Recipes".


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at: support@beginjuicing.com.

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